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Allergies: Food and Inhalants

One of our most frequent patient consultations is for the treatment of allergies. Parchment Family Practice, P.C. is capable of testing for both inhalant and food allergies and sensitivities. Dr. Born is considered a national expert in food allergy testing and treatment and has conducted lectures nationwide.

About food allergies

Dr. Born feels food allergy testing is one of the most beneficial tests any patient can have to improve their overall health.

We find many people who come to us have symptoms of allergies. Some perhaps have even been tested, only to find out it is something that they are eating, not something they are breathing.

There are many cross reactions between what we breathe and what we eat. We have the expertise to help distinguish those for the patient.

Testing process

We prefer in-vitro testing for both inhalant and food allergies — testing is done via a routine blood draw, usually from one vial of blood.

This method allows patients to be more comfortable and safe, as it does not require the patient to stop taking any of their medications or change their diet.

The blood is sent to Alletess Medical Laboratory for analysis. You can read more about this process at

When the results come in, a dietician then prepares a booklet individualized to your specific allergy test. We are able to accommodate all types of diets; vegetarian, kosher, etc.

Many insurance plans pay for the food allergy tests. If your insurance company does cover this service, the cost is reasonably priced.

Sublingual Immunotherapy

Among the various options for treatment for particular inhalant allergens is sublingual immunotherapy. After testing is completed, custom immunotherapy is designed for the patient.

Instead of coming to the office to get weekly injections, the patient is able to do sublingual drops at their home. Individuals are extremely pleased with the convenience and benefits of this type of therapy.

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