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Hormone Therapy

There has been much controversy surrounding the use of hormones over the last several years. Most of the studies center on the use of Premarin and Provera, substances not natural to the body.

Premarin contains 23 conjugated Estrogens. The human body only produces and is only familiar with detoxifying three of these Estrogens. Dr. Born believes this is why a lot of women who have been studied have trouble with Premarin.

Provera is a synthetic Progestin — again, a substance not natural to the body. The body is used to dealing with Progesterone.

Bio-Identical hormones

Due to this concept, the use of Bio-Identical hormones has emerged as an alternative to the Premarin and Provera.

Dr. Born has been working with women and men with Bio-Identical hormones since 1991. Through individualized testing, we look at hormone levels as well as how it metabolizes in the body, whether the body produces it themselves or by taking it orally or topically.

The use of Bio-Identical hormone testing helps to better predict who will tolerate the use of hormones. The safety of using hormones is also enhanced with this method.

There is still much to be learned about hormone therapy, and studies are ongoing.

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